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Get bundle access to the Masterclasses on Color Micromanagement: Road beyond R,G & B + Skin & Beauty Retouching.


"Hector Berrebi is the real deal -- I always learn something new when I watch his advanced tutorials, and he has a terrific way of making complex ideas and processes in Resolve very simple and easy to understand." - Marc Weilage | Senior Colorist, Chroma HollywoodStar Wars: A New Hope, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Die Hard


Masterclass 1



The course is designed for intermediate and advanced users and aims to help you master the functions, spaces, models, channels and blending operations that hide inside every node in DaVinci Resolve.

Session Overview 

Day One ~ 4 Hours, Saturday

Toolset P1 - Laws of Perception

What is perception, how its inseparable of what we do in image manipulation, how does it guide our work, and how much can it be bent before its “broken”. From rules of “black to pointer’s gamut” - breakdown of wrong & right and how we identify them.

Toolset P2 - Blending Operations

Multiplying, screening & combinations
How to naturally and intuitively use various blending operations in your workflows and understand them without guesswork.

Toolset P3 - Nodes & Pipelines

A brief overview of the nodes and connections
Importance of image neutrality
Order of operations

Day Two ~ 4 Hours

What’s a color model compared to a color space?
How are color models constructed and visualized?
Simple node Color Management – Working in Color Models

RGB to HSL, HSV, LAB and other models – strength and limitations.

DaVinci functions in RGB and so do most of its tools. How does changing this give us deeper levels of control and manipulation over our images? How do different color models offer us access to different parts and aspects of our content? How do some models stand out over others, what’s missing in Resolve and ways to overcome it, and why there isn’t one perfect color model.

Manipulating Luma and Chroma - the advantages of splitting luma & chroma parts of an image in different color models - HSL/V - Working in H & S for simpler & powerful hue & sat controls, manipulating luminance channels in LAB vs HSL, from contrast to exposure.


Day Three ~ 4 Hours

Intermediate node color management - blending and mixing channels.

What’s channel mixing? Splitting and combining to construct a channel mixer, mixing element within a mixer, and blending channels against each other - a different approach to exploring visual possibilities.

Intermediate node color management - the OFX Custom Mixer

Recently introduced to the DaVinci toolset, this effect hides quite a punch, how is it used and what are its strengths in our type of node structures and complex channel manipulations.

Intermediate node color management - LUTs, DCTLs, and other OFX tools.

Important additions from the color inversion LUTs and OFX, to selected relevant DCTLs and how to use them in our pipelines.


Day Four ~ 4 Hours

Working in LAB - A deeper dive into LAB, its history, science, why it is different from other color models and relevant applications.

Advanced sharpening workflows and luma operations - texture manipulation and sharpening techniques on the L channels, the LAB unsharp mask node structure.

AB chroma manipulation - comparing and evaluating different known approaches. LAB vs YUV comparison and level of image influence and more.

(Advanced) Building and using LAB channel mixer - a challenging and complex exercise in advanced node structure and channel mixing - what can we learn from it and how can it be used in practical workflows.

CMY and subtractive operations – from basic to classic film look emulations.

What's CMY and what do subtractive operations mean - the role of CMY blending in film history and how it gained its special allure in glorious Technicolor - Is it even possible to “really” work in CMY and subtractive color mixing within an additive system? -

Different techniques and node structures to emulate the classic Technicolor look and how they are constructed using CMY blending and mixing.

Practical uses for look development and extras - the 15 channel color mixer.

Adding range limiters & clipping protectors.

Exploring texture based color and luma adjustments & manipulations, and more.

YRGB to ACES & RCM - how these techniques adapt within color managed pipelines.


Masterclass 2


Addressing a pervasive issue often overlooked in the industry, we bring to you a career-transformative masterclass by Hector Berrebi, that delves into the complexities and challenges of beauty and skin retouching in narrative, commercial, fashion & music video work.


Achieving optimal skin tones involves intense color and luma adjustments. Furthermore, addressing intricate details and facial imperfections such as wrinkles, scars & the natural effects of age pose unique challenges in various productions, demanding a nuanced and thoughtful approach.


Course Overview:


Duration: 16 hours (4 sessions of 4 hours each)



Feb 3 + Feb 4

Feb 10 + Feb 11


Time:  8 AM-12 PM Pacific Time


Class 1: Understanding Skin Properties and Color Correction Fundamentals

  • Introduction to skin properties affecting color
  • Managing skin exposure and measurements
  • Utilizing scopes and recognizing "skin lines"
  • White balance considerations for skin
  • Best practices, limitations, and pitfalls in the color correction pipeline for skin manipulation
  • Addressing various challenges in skin manipulation
  • Case studies and examples showcasing diverse skin correction scenarios - from terrible to overdone - to perfect


Class 2: Texture in Video and Frequency Seperation

  • Defining texture in video, its connection to skin and maipulation workflows
  • Exploring "Frequency Separation" - how this ancient rechnique is still relevant
  • Critiquing automatic tools and their real-time usability
  • Introduction to DaVinci Resolve's toolbox for beauty and texture work (12 different OFX & tools)
  • Beauty and skin manipulation techniques for efficient results under the clock.


Class 3: Advanced Beauty and Skin Manipulation Workflows + Evaluation of a Real Project + Hector's Secret Node-Tree

  • Aadvanced beauty and skin manipulation workflows - where the real magic happens
  • Divide and Conquer methods for tackling facial imperfections and other challenges pertaining to skin
  • Evaluating and planning a beauty and retouching project
  • Deconstructing the secret Hector Beauty-Shop node tree
  • Tailoring beauty work to different settings - how commercials and fashion, are different from narrative jobs


Class 4: Bonus Sessions - Expanding Horizons

  • Bonus 1: Surface Tracking for intricate beauty/make-up work, from tattoos to 3D-eyeliner
  • Bonus 2: External tools and plugins exploration - BeautyBox, Maxon Cosmo, Boris Beauty Studio, and Heal OFX
  • Bonus 3: Building custom Beauty and Frequency Separation node trees, DCTLs, and more.

Hector Berrebi Masterclass Bundle

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$239.40Sale Price


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