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Instructor: Cullen Kelly


The goal of this course is to introduce the intermediate creative color science practitioner to a variety of advanced concepts and methodologies, allowing them to find a personal and intuitive approach to complex look development. 


At the conclusion of the course, participants will have simultaneously deepened and simplified their creative process, and discovered new horizons for further exploration and study.


As in Creative Color Science I, course work will take place in the Davinci Resolve Fusion page, with greater emphasis on using the Custom Tool node to mathematically construct tools and transforms.


Day 1


Session 1


Going deeper with matrices

Luminance preservation strategies

Neutrals preservation strategies

Creating a “curves matrix”

Adding input terms to create more interesting transformations: inverses, powers, and cross products


Session 2


Deriving and manipulating non-RGB channels

The many uses of a luminance channel

Common formulas for deriving luminance

Calculating and and utilizing a saturation channel

Understanding chroma vs. saturation

Common formulas for deriving saturation


Day 2


Session 1


Curve plotting

Simple functions

Slope, Offset, and Power

Advanced functions




1D Bezier


Implementing and parameterizing piecewise functions


Session 2


Exploring additional color models

The benefits of generic models vs. bounded spaces

Comparison of HSV, HSL, YCH, IHLS, and Chen

Implementing curve functions within these models

Creating 2D channel interactions with masks


Day 3


Session 1


Creating 3D curve interactions

Auditioning and selecting a model, domain, and curve function

Finding new ideas and solutions

Hands-on examples:

Sat vs. Lum vs. Hue

Hue vs. Sat vs. Lum


Session 2


Creative Color Science Applied: A dialogue with Steve Yedlin


Participants will create and receive Fusion presets for the following tools and transforms:


Inner Cube Tool for visualizing inner contents of an RGB cube rendering

Color models





Hunter LAB

Matrix tools

Dynamic 3xN with luminance and neutrals preservation

Crosstalk curves

Curve functions

Various sigmoid functions

1D Bezier

Various bell functions

Various piecewise functions

Master Fusion templates

Synthetic Look Dev

Reference/emulation based Look Dev

Photochemical Modeling

Creative Color Science Masterclass II

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