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Our Blackmagic Fusion Masterclass is now available on-demand.


We did more than 12 Hours of bespoke training by Blackmagic Design Master Trainer / BBC-Trained Post Specialist, Jamie Dickinson.


Jamie has more than 20 years of experience at the BBC and has given bespoke color training courses for the likes of HBO and NBC in New York, WGBH in Boston and BBC in London.


Here’s some detail and a description of the Fusion workshop -


The topics on this course were selected to provide a solid understanding of the main concepts in Blackmagic Design Fusion. Using commonly occurring tasks, like keying and tracking, you’ll learn and understand many important fundamental concepts in Fusion and compositing.


If you’re an editor, a colourist or a complete beginner new to Fusion, this will help demystify the Fusion Page and it will get you working with nodes with all the benefits that can bring to your workflow. This is a great selection of topics to get people started on using Fusion.


Some of it is a variation on the certified Blackmagic Design three-day course, some is new material.


The course consist of three sections.


Part 1

  • Conform exercises into Resolve/Fusion.
  • Fundamentals of compositing, RGB+Alpha, premultiplied vs straight.
  • Basic Fusion; the UI layout, nodes in Fusion, Merge nodes
  • Keyframing & animating text
  • Paint removals with Planar Tracker
  • Locked-off screen insert example

Part 2

  • One and two point tracking
  • Green-screen with static background
  • Tracking and sky replacement
  • Tracking moving screen inserts
  • Refining and combining mattes/keys

Part 3

  • Working with 3D text, 3D shapes, materials, lights
  • 3D Camera tracking, for sky replacement
  • Adding particles and 3D elements
  • 3D Camera tracking screen insert
  • Review, Q & A

P.S. All registrants will be given access to the session-recording along with course exercise material (Approx 3.5 GB)

Blackmagic Fusion Masterclass

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