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"Hector Berrebi is the real deal -- I always learn something new when I watch his advanced tutorials, and he has a terrific way of making complex ideas and processes in Resolve very simple and easy to understand." - Marc Weilage | Senior Colorist, Chroma HollywoodStar Wars: A New Hope, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Die Hard


Addressing a pervasive issue often overlooked in the industry, we bring to you a career-transformative masterclass by Hector Berrebi, that delves into the complexities and challenges of beauty and skin retouching in narrative, commercial, fashion & music video work.


Achieving optimal skin tones involves intense color and luma adjustments. Furthermore, addressing intricate details and facial imperfections such as wrinkles, scars & the natural effects of age pose unique challenges in various productions, demanding a nuanced and thoughtful approach.


Course Overview:


Duration: 16 hours (4 sessions of 4 hours each)



Feb 3 + Feb 4

Feb 10 + Feb 11


Time:  8 AM-12 PM Pacific Time


Class 1: Understanding Skin Properties and Color Correction Fundamentals

  • Introduction to skin properties affecting color
  • Managing skin exposure and measurements
  • Utilizing scopes and recognizing "skin lines"
  • White balance considerations for skin
  • Best practices, limitations, and pitfalls in the color correction pipeline for skin manipulation
  • Addressing various challenges in skin manipulation
  • Case studies and examples showcasing diverse skin correction scenarios - from terrible to overdone - to perfect


Class 2: Texture in Video and Frequency Seperation

  • Defining texture in video, its connection to skin and maipulation workflows
  • Exploring "Frequency Separation" - how this ancient rechnique is still relevant
  • Critiquing automatic tools and their real-time usability
  • Introduction to DaVinci Resolve's toolbox for beauty and texture work (12 different OFX & tools)
  • Beauty and skin manipulation techniques for efficient results under the clock.


Class 3: Advanced Beauty and Skin Manipulation Workflows + Evaluation of a Real Project + Hector's Secret Node-Tree

  • Aadvanced beauty and skin manipulation workflows - where the real magic happens
  • Divide and Conquer methods for tackling facial imperfections and other challenges pertaining to skin
  • Evaluating and planning a beauty and retouching project
  • Deconstructing the secret Hector Beauty-Shop node tree
  • Tailoring beauty work to different settings - how commercials and fashion, are different from narrative jobs


Class 4: Bonus Sessions - Expanding Horizons

  • Bonus 1: Surface Tracking for intricate beauty/make-up work, from tattoos to 3D-eyeliner
  • Bonus 2: External tools and plugins exploration - BeautyBox, Maxon Cosmo, Boris Beauty Studio, and Heal OFX
  • Bonus 3: Building custom Beauty and Frequency Separation node trees, DCTLs, and more.

Hector Berrebi Masterclass II

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